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Sponsored Challenge

Brands and businesses can use sponsored challenges as a unique and gamified business model to engage with their current followers, attract new customers and repurpose authentic content on their social media.

RYVO offers a fully customizable solution tailored to the brand's industry and expectations, as well as a marketing strategy to promote the sponsored challenge. Brands can then decide what kind of prizes the participants can win and share the challenge on other social platforms.

Creating sponsored challenges allows brands to appreciate their customers by rewarding the winners with exclusive prizes and sharing their content on their social media.

For more information, please contact: business@ryvo.app

About RYVO
RYYO is a new and entertaining social app where you can create customised challenges and vote to elect the winners.
RYVO embraces freedom of expression in a creative way.
Whether you want to showcase your talent, express your culture, promote your community, or share your ideas, RYVO welcomes diversity and rewards you for it.
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