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Users can create free challenges, post high-quality pictures, and vote for their favorites. As a reward, users who are voted as one of the top 3 winners will win amazing trophies. The more trophies they collect, the more popular they become on RYVO.

Users can express themselves creatively, share their talent and discover new trends anywhere from music, fashion, art, and so much more.

Whether users want to promote their art-form, express their cultures, or share their ideas, RYVO welcomes diversity and rewards them for it.

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About RYVO
RYYO is a new and entertaining social app where you can create customised challenges and vote to elect the winners.
RYVO embraces freedom of expression in a creative way.
Whether you want to showcase your talent, express your culture, promote your community, or share your ideas, RYVO welcomes diversity and rewards you for it.
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