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Paid Challenge

Users can create paid challenges, where participants have to pay a predetermined fee* to enter the challenge and post high-quality pictures.

Every RYVO user can vote for their favorite pictures, no matter if it's a simple or a paid challenge and elect the winners.

As a reward, the top 3 winners and the creator of the challenge will split the pot** and get rewarded with real money. The more participants, the bigger the pot!

*Challenge creators can choose a participation fee of 1, 5, 10 or $20.

**The fee that every participant has to pay will be added up to the final pot. The Top 3 winners and the challenge creator will split the pot in equal parts. (RYVO gets up to 20% as maintenance fee).

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About RYVO
RYYO is a new and entertaining social app where you can create customised challenges and vote to elect the winners.
RYVO embraces freedom of expression in a creative way.
Whether you want to showcase your talent, express your culture, promote your community, or share your ideas, RYVO welcomes diversity and rewards you for it.
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